1. Asif by Li Photography #TestShoot

  2. Nicola by Li Photography #TestShoot

  3. Alice by Li Photography #SweetDreams #preview

  4. Nicola Wills by Li Photography #SweetDreams #Goodnight

  5. Divine Izaw by Li Photography #SweetDreams



    Hard to say, the mind also recreates moods and sets that maybe weren’t like that. Aside that, first thing would be just playing, eating, normal stuff around 4, 5.

  7. Virginie by Li Photography #GlitchArt

  8. Naomi by Li Photography

  9. T & N #SweetDreams

  10. The meds… the make you a different person


  11. Naomi’s Dream ナオミの夢 // Directed by Vladimir Li 監督:ブラディミー リー


  12. Winter still has its advantages

    Every year, Mother Nature goes to the department store and pays someone to fancy gift wrap this beautiful present called winter. She doesn’t even care if you rip the perfectly curled bow when you’re tearing the paper off as you open it. Yes, in the summer everyone is half naked most of the time. Aside that only benefit, I don’t know why people love scorching hot, humid summers, when you can still enjoy the show in the cold with a cocktail in one hand and googles on the other.

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  13. Camille by Li Photography

  14. Naomi by Li Photography

  15. Just came back from skiing holidays with the Noxx team. Check out the after-movie